Special Thanks

I could not have done this event without the help of these two lovely ladies below!


Elaine Raffel at Raffel Creative

Raffel Creative is the natural extension of my comprehensive background with major fashion, beauty, restaurant and home goods brands including Stanley Korshak, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Mary Kay, Stephan Pyles and the Horchow Collection. I have both hands-on and management experience in literally every part of the creative process, from initial concept to final production. I’ve also worked across multiple channels, including retail, direct selling, digital and business to business.

Key strengths include the ability to execute a strong, goal-oriented vision; optimize the efficiency of creative/photography teams; and negotiate and manage a marketing/project budget (i.e., stretch a dollar to its absolute max). My MO is to first assess, then adapt to, the specific needs of the job.

Alison Volk with Volk PR

Alison Volk’s twenty years of entertainment, fashion and PR experience allow her to present clients with valuable opportunities, resulting in maximized ROI. VOLK PR dedicates themselves to their clients by developing unique, creative strategies to actualize overall public relations and business goals.

VOLK PR works with clients to achieve their goals via comprehensive proposals that utilize business consultation, media relations, event marketing, community outreach, social media marketing, charity alignments and personal networking. Clients of Volk PR gain access to a network of strategic relationships, personally developed and nurtured by Alison Volk, President and Publicist.