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Felicia Corbray

Nov 3rd 2018 Facebook Post:

On this day last year, my life forever changed. I was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma. The same cancer that took my dad's life just three years prior. This is rare cancer that kills 50% of all diagnosed. After a biopsy was done on my tumor, we found out that mine is the most aggressive with 80% chance of spreading. Once it does, it is almost always fatal. I decided that day that I was going to fight like hell and that's exactly what I'm doing. I choose to LIVE every day to the fullest. I cherish every second I have with my husband, my children and all my amazing friends and supporters. I'm determined to beat the statistics. 🙏
I'm posting this to raise awareness. Please get your eyes dilated. It could save your life!
#fuckcancer #ocularmelanoma #eyebelieve#lookingforacure #eyecancer #fightformylife#getyoureyesdilated #livingwithcancer”

Dr. Thornwell Parker III

Board-certified plastic surgeon Thornwell H. Parker, III, M.D. is a skilled and dedicated skin care physician serving the greater Dallas, TX area with superior skin cancer treatment and reconstructive surgery following removal. Dr. Parker’s goal is to promote skin health and natural beauty through prevention, intervention, and rejuvenation — the three principles on which he founded his private practice, Skin Cancer Consultants. One of only seven in the world to accomplish such a task, Dr. Parker is dual trained as a board-certified plastic surgeon and is fellowship trained in Mohs surgery and procedural dermatology. The completion of an ACMS accredited fellowship is usually considered the highest level of training that can be received by a skin cancer specialist. This fully qualifies Dr. Parker as a master of many skin cancer treatments combined with facial reconstruction specialties, varying in complexity from single to multiple-step procedures. The Mohs surgical technique is believed to be the most successful surgical removal of skin cancer, and the completion of the fellowship program depends upon a plastic surgeon’s ability to perform a number of specific medical tasks with ease and confidence

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Leonard Steinberg

Leonard Steinberg embodies the new breed of modern real estate professional who provides substantive knowledge about all aspects of real estate and full-fledged, elegant, and discreet service to sellers, developers, and buyers of New York property with almost two decades of experience. As a seller's broker, Leonard provides a marketing service that is both unique and effective, combining refined selling skills with marketing methods that fully embrace the digital age, enhancing the exposure of the property, and thereby maximizing price. His negotiating skills, while not intimidating, have produced the results that his clients expect. His clientele ranges from first-time sellers to seasoned multiple-dwelling owners of multi-million dollar homes. As a buyer's broker, Leonard's keen eye, listening skills, and attention to detail have kept his customers unquestionably loyal. With eternal patience, he identifies his customers’ specific needs to match them to the best possible property, often identifying opportunities that others were unable to see. His services extend beyond the expected; his level of taste and his understanding of architecture and interior design, along with a broad knowledge of resources, have helped buyers realize their dreams.